Backstory of this Software

Before we get into the POS, let’s talk about the backstory of this software. Our sister restaurant companies saw a shortage in staffing post-pandemic and we all know that multiple restaurants faced this problem. This is why we came up with the concept of the contactless restaurant operating system. Our goal with the POS software was to help restaurants operate at 100% efficiency with 60% of the staff. This is because we wanted to alleviate the struggle restaurants were facing with their shortage of staff.



to help restaurants run 100% efficiently




to alleviate the stress of not having enough employees

Our POS has been carefully designed to help create a more efficient way to operate the restaurant business.

  • Contactless Dine-In Experience
  • Contactless Ordering
  • Contactless Concierge Service

All with the push of a button from the customer. Basically, creating a virtual waiter.

And wouldn't it be nice for a restaurant to enter their menu once and have it automatically uploaded not only to the POS but also to the restaurant's website and 3rd Party partner's platforms, giving the restaurant manager more time to work ON the business rather than IN the business?

We also developed an internal delivery and pickup system, allowing restaurants to become their own delivery service for their customers.

Driver tracking, automated tip payouts, driver onboarding, and other features are available.The possibilities for restaurants are unlimited.

Nuvioo POS is a game changer for the restaurant industry, and one thing that restaurants will love is that it opens merchants up to credit card processing. That’s right, we won’t hold restaurants down by forcing them to choose credit card processing systems, giving the restaurants more options to run their business.

Let's change the way you do business.