HR & Payroll

Nuvioo's Human Resources and Payroll System can help you organize your human resources department. With our software, you can enjoy free payroll setup, free 2-day direct deposit for qualified customers, free employee portal, and free workers' comp integration. You can also create unlimited payrolls with all pay frequencies, and multiple locations. Plus, our system is mobile-friendly and easy to use. And if you need it, we also offer:

  • Accounting software integration
  • Electronic or printable W-2s
  • Time-off accruals, multiple pay rates
  • And repeating or additional money types

Finally, you can pay employees and contractors on payroll using our system. So if you're looking for a comprehensive HR and payroll solution, Nuvioo is the right choice for you.

Track Employee Information

When you're looking for a Human Resources and Payroll System that can meet all your needs, Nuvioo is the obvious choice. We offer easy timekeeping that employees will love, as well as compliance with overtime laws. Plus, our system has hour settings, pay frequencies, and all your deduction needs. With our all-in-one HR & payroll software, you can integrate accounting software, offer electronic or printable W-2s, time-off accruals, multiple pay rates, and repeating or additional money types.

Keep your employee data organized, upload and manage company documents, and run comprehensive HR and employee reports with Nuvioo HR & Payroll. Store employee files so you may easily access them, such as career history information and emergency contacts. Additionally, you can upload and grant employees access to company papers like employee handbooks and information on retirement and health insurance plans.

Functions Include:

  • Free Payroll Setup
  • Free 2-Day Direct Deposit For Qualified Customers
  • Free Employee Portal
  • Free Workers' Comp Integration
  • Unlimited Payrolls
  • All Pay Frequencies
  • Multiple Locations
  • Customizable Hours, Money, Deductions
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Accounting Software Integration
  • Electronic Or Printable W-2s
  • Time-Off Accruals
  • Multiple Pay Rates
  • Repeating, Additional Money Types
  • Pay Contractors In Payroll
  • Departments
  • Time And Attendance Integration
  • HR Integration
  • Optional 1099 E-Filing
  • Net To Gross Payroll Tool
  • File And Deposit Federal Payroll Taxes
  • File And Deposit State Payroll Taxes
  • File And Deposit Local Payroll Taxes
  • File Year-End Payroll Tax Filings (No Additional Fees)

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