About Nuvioo

Nuvioo software is a comprehensive platform that offers various services and features under one roof. It simplifies processes by streamlining tasks and providing easy access to a wide range of services. This saves time and improves efficiency for users.
Mission Statement
We must provide businesses with the tools they need to grow and prosper.
Vision Statement
To change the way businesses grow with infinite possibilities on how to manage their company.

Background and Purpose

Our sister companies found various issues running their companies with multiple technologies. Things like paying 12 different monthly fees for software, which was an accounting nightmare, to integration problems with each software because they did not communicate with each other. We had to go from one dashboard to another just to see what was going on and we were not the only companies facing this dilemma. With this type of operation, it became very hard to scale the businesses.


Our restaurant companies saw a shortage in staffing and we all know that there were multiple restaurants that faced this problem. This is why we came up with the concept of the contactless restaurant operating system. Our goal with the POS software was to help restaurants operate at 100% efficiency with 60% of the staff. This is because we wanted to alleviate the struggle restaurants were facing with their shortage of staff.


Nuvioo's is hosted on AWS and because Nuvioo is a platform as a service it can add an unlimited amount of software to it. This means that we would be able to integrate with other software and add on more internal software as we grow. As the Nuvioo platform grows the server will automatically scale with us.

One-Stop Shop Solution

Nuvioo was created to alleviate the pain of using multiple software to run a business. Nuvioo is a PAAS (Platform as a Service) that allows you to add SAAS (Software as a Service) programs to better manage your company. No more jumping from one software to another. All software will be on one platform making it easier to jump back and forth to the software you need.